Tuesday, July 12, 2011

At the Foot of the Cross

Within Christianity, we have this saying regarding our burdens & sin: "Leave it at the foot of the cross". It sounds all well & good, but is it practical? Why haul our stuff all the way to the cross? Jesus isn't there... Does He have couriers that check in daily, pick up whatever we "leave" behind & ferry it up to Him via next day air? What's He going to do with it? He's certainly not going to gather it together & start a chain of thrift stores. So what can we do with our "stuff"?!

Within the ancient temple, there were many gatekeepers, priests, assistants, etc. moving about 24 hours a day. Imagine for a moment, a temple comprised of your life. Within your life, there are people (maybe even objects, thoughts, etc.) of varying degrees of authority, skill, etc., constantly in motion, each performing a specific purpose. Who (or what) are your gatekeepers? Who are your fellow priests? Who (or what) assists you or fills you with music? Who points you to God, comforts you, holds you accountable?

We don't have to trudge out to Golgotha by ourselves just to leave something at the cross to rot. We can simply head to the "temple", leave our stuff at the door & go inside. If we were to "leave things at the cross", our burdens wouldn't magically disappear. We would merely be abandoning them there in hopes of forgetting. When we leave our cares at the door of the temple, they don't magically disappear either, but we are better equipped to find strength & help in the context of community. We are better equipped to actually deal with things.

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