Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Small Things

They launched into the yard together one morning.
One was bound to earth, forced to claw its way up trunk & branch,
leaping from tree to tree.
The other flit freely from earth to sky.
There was no clawing, only the spreading of wings.
One had arms & tiny hands with which to accomplish practical tasks
like gathering & burying it's food.
It makes its nest in a hole that someone else fashioned.
The other must bow low to find its food in the dirt.
Its hit or miss & quite the messy affair.
It tirelessly gathers twigs in its beak
to create a sanctuary among the branches.
Two species exist together. Both are small.
One is grey. The other sports vibrant patterns of colour.
But there are two. Two are better than one.
One chatters & "squeals" while the other chirps & sings.
One weighs heavy on the branches.
The other, you barely know is there.

Which am I today? A practical squirrel living in a place someone else abandoned? Am I gathering my food only to hide it? Am I bound to earth, clawing my way from tree to tree just to get anywhere? Do I weigh heavy on the branches? Or am I a bird who catches a current I cannot see in order to fly? Do I bow low to find my sustenance? Do I take care in finding materials for my home & do I build it among the branches for all to see? Would you even know I'm there? Would you hear a chatter & squeal, or would you hear a chirp & a song? You will know me if you see me. Which are you? We exist together. Two species, both small.

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