Saturday, February 5, 2011

Secret Passageways

Troubles & mourning are a blessing from God. They're like those giant boring machines that carve out tunnels within the earth. Oceans & mountains are challenging obstacles, overcome. Those few bright lives, those "fortunate ones" who manage to go unscathed by loss or pain of soul crushing magnitude have never felt the danger & the risk of the dig. They won't have access to these tunnels for a very long time.

It may be years & a significant investment of finance & labor, but eventually, a tunnel will be completed. The "fortunate ones" will have to wait in line & buy a ticket to travel to the other side. They'll ride in relative ease, comfortable in a high tech, streamlined rail car as it hurdles through the depths of the earth. Some may never know what went into making this tunnel, even though commemorative photos & stories line the walls of the stations on either side. They didn't feel the darkness & breathe the mud & dust of broken earth as it was pulverized in the grinding teeth of the machine. They will pay a price to go through the tunnel, but it will be nothing compared to the price it took to actually bore through the earth.

Troubles & mourning carve out "secret" passageways through the earth of our hearts, beneath the mountains & oceans that rise & swell & overwhelm us... Mountains & oceans are obstacles, overcome. These "secret" passageways lead to God's own throne & He won't turn us away, though we be caked with dirt & sweat, though we be streaked with blood & tears. He hears the grinding... He knows we're coming.

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