Friday, February 25, 2011

Hunting Giants

I brought lambs for your altars, fattened for slaughter.
I brought fire, incense & bowls.
I brought songs for the gods of my sun, moon & stars,
I cried "I am yours, not my own!".

You hid me in the cleft of a rock so you could protect yourself.
You weren't in the thunder, the wind or the fire...
but I was, I was.

Will you destroy me if I look in your eyes?
Will I be your stone trophy or paver?
Will you fault me if I dare to look back?
Will you turn me to salt in due season?
You were the face of God to me, Omniscient.

You were as locusts, trumpet-tongued, drowning out my light, devouring.
You left me speechless, you left me small.
Your paths knew no boundaries.
You were the voice of God to me, Omnipotent.

You left me a handful of magic beans
in the wake of your well meant destruction.
I live in the shadow of great stalks & giants.
You aren't here,
but I am.

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