Friday, January 14, 2011

Silly Thee!

God is kind of silly sometimes. To consider that statement makes me tremble inside. Should I watch for lighting bolts or for the earth to suddenly swallow me up? Should I be ready to defend myself from a random lion or bear? Should I procure a sea faring vessel, post haste? Why do I feel this way when I consider the silliness of God? Is it because He is HOLY & RIGHTEOUS & AWE INSPIRING, etc? Um, yeah. That would be why, among other things.

But As I've been observing random people over the last few days, I remember what I've been reading in Genesis- man was created in the image of God. Look at any human being. What do you see? Everyday I see joy, anger, strength, courage, kindness, & yes, silliness. Are we (Christian & non alike) reflecting our Maker in these things? Joy? Sure. Strength, courage & kindness? Definitely. Anger? We know God gets pissed plenty of times in the Bible. So do we. But God's anger is completely justified & ours, well, sometimes we can go overboard.

Can we see God's silliness in scripture or the world around us? Think about the kind of animals He whipped up- big, small, fat, lanky, mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians, birds... Think about all the different colour schemes & patterns- polka dots, stripes & blotches on fur or scales or skin... Some live in the water, under ground, on cliffs or in caves. The aye aye, aside from being kind of funny looking all around, has a creepy finger on each hand to tap bark & scoop out it's num nums. The platypus has to be God's equivalent of Frankenstein with it's duck bill, webbed feet, rodent body & beaver tail. Mandrills have behinds that change colours when they get excited. Marsupials have pouches for their babies. Imagine if we had pouches! Think of all the sounds His animals make... then think of all the sounds we can make! All of this comes from God- comes from His imagination...

It was kind of silly for a donkey to talk to Balaam, even more so that Balaam listened! It was kind of silly of David to dance through the streets in His underwear when the Ark of the Covenant came into town... But apparently it made him really giddy. What makes us giddy? What compels us to be silly at times? And ought we attribute these things to God as well? I wonder if He sat in heaven straight faced as He created the proboscis monkey or the praying mantis? Did He laugh at the grace of the ostritch or the star faced mole or was it just business as usual? It might be helpful to note that most of the silly things in nature are actually functional. Colours warn or attract, appendages aid in movement or feeding... One creature supports another in a long chain of time & life. These things seem to give silliness a kind of dignity, a kind of justification... but none is needed. Thy are reflections of God's own character & inspiration. As are we.

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