Sunday, January 2, 2011

Adam Before Eve

I'm feeling lonely today. I have friends. I belong to a church. I belong to social websites. I have email, a landline & a cell phone, yet I feel isolated & alone. For whatever reason, I got to thinking about Adam before Eve- & why God waited to make Adam a mate. Animals wouldn't do. A lovely place to live wouldn't do... fulfilling work in the garden wouldn't cut it. Even the very presence of the almighty living God who walked & talked with Adam wasn't enough.

I wonder if Adam started feeling lonely as the animals passed by... did he realize each had its own mate & he had none? Did he know sadness & depression & angst from being alone? Or are these things products of the fall? Was Adam more like a child, happy go lucky, footloose & fancy free, oblivious to the fact that he alone was, well... alone in the world? Why didn't God create Eve along with Adam? He created every other living thing male & female... It wouldn't have been a difficult thing to do. Yet Adam came into this world as one. I wonder how much time actually went by from the creation of Adam to the creation of Eve. It all happened on the 6th day, but was a day a day as we know it or was it perhaps a thousand years as Peter implies?

... With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. 2 Peter 3:8 (NIV 2010)

Did Adam have to exist & work the garden alone for hundreds of years till he got to meet Eve? Genesis chapter 1 seems to imply Eve was indeed created along with Adam, but we get a different story in chapter 2. On the 6th day, after God had created Adam, He put him in the garden & paraded the animals past him. God came to the conclusion that something was missing & verses 21 & 22 detail how God finally created Eve. Verse 23 seems to capture Adam's relief: "AT LAST!" he exclaims.

I try to imagine what that moment felt like... Adam saw his own kind standing before him- a reflection of himself & the completion of his own humanity. Had he waited long for this moment, or just a few hours? Did his eyes well with tears? Did he leap & shout for joy? Did he fall to the ground & praise God? Had he felt empty & despairing in the interim? I don't know. But his exclamation seems to imply he had been acutely aware of his need & was waiting for something more... just like me.

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