Monday, December 6, 2010

Flash Card Experiment Day 4

Today's word:


A subtle expression of meaning, quality or tone. A slight degree of difference. Graduation.

Today's motivational thought:

I can grow & change.

My motivational card also reads "Caterpillars turn into butterflies, acorns into oaks, buds into flowers". The changes in each of these things are subtle... they don't transform overnight... & when each of these become something new, how many of us notice? Whos been standing around long enough to acknowledge the nuance that delivered such metamorphoses? Is the caterpillar aware hes undergone a radical transformation within the chrysalis, or does he feel like he just woke up from a power nap? Do the oak tree or the flower remember how small they once were? Are they aware of what they've become & how long their conversion took to accomplish? How much more or less might I be able to judge growth & change within my own self... I don't remember being conceived or growing in my mother's womb... I don't even remember my first breath in the outside world. But over time, this baby girl became a youngster, who became a teenager, who eventually became (& sometimes feels like shes still becoming) an adult... Someday my grey hair will win out & my body will falter... Am I aware of these changes as they happen? Not at all. I am always surprised when I notice something different. Such is the nature of nuance... and perhaps I am growing & changing even now. Somewhere down the road I may realize I became a butterfly, an oak, a flower...

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