Friday, December 3, 2010

Flash Card Experiment Day 1

I have a couple boxes of "flash cards" that I found collecting dust on a thrift store shelf a while back. One deck is GRE vocab & the other is motivational. These cards now rest happily collecting dust on my shelf. The other day I decided it might be fun to try something... So I broke out both decks & here's what happened:

Today's word:

Deface- to mar the appearance of, vandalize, disfigure, impair, spoil.

Today's motivational thought:

"I can label life a new way".

How have I been marred or vandalized? How have I been disfigured, impaired &/or spoiled? The burdens of life have marred me, vandalized my walls, disfigured the Architect's original design & spoiled it... momentarily. What can I do about it? Perhaps the answer is in the motivation. Can I label this "marredness" in a new way? Can I see the burdens of life, the disfiguring weight that has impeded me as something beneficial? Perhaps the weight is not meant to be carried all at once, but like a body builder, I need to gradually work up to things... Perhaps I can learn to lessen the weight I carry, discipline myself to take things one thing at a time & slowly gain the strength to bear up under the load... Perhaps I need more levers, ropes & pulleys... Perhaps I need help.

And a wall is a wall, whether it has a clean coat of paint or just got tagged with graffiti. No need to destroy the wall... I can paint over a wall that's been defaced. This "mess" can be cleaned up, restored, maintained. It may take some work, but it can be done.

Anyway. I was pleasantly suprised with this experiment...

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