Thursday, October 28, 2010

Word Find

Picture it: A list of 20 words pertaining to a particular subject matter & a box full of jumbled letters.

The object of the challenge is to find all 20 words in the box. They may be up, down, diagonal, backward, etc., but every single word is in there. You look at the box & maybe find 2 or 3 that stand out right away. And then the "fun" begins. I use the word fun sarcastically as the hunt can sometimes be maddening. Occassionally, you might hit a streak & find multiple words in succession. But there's always a sticking point when your eyes glaze over & you're forced to take a break. "Fresh eyes" will help you later on. The more words one finds, the easier the search becomes... Other words that were once hidden are now dilineated by other words that have been found. Eventually the challenge is completed. Onto the next.

This is life: Challenging. Simple. Maddening. Numbing. Failing. Refreshing. Revealing.

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