Monday, September 13, 2010

Fish Out of Water

I was perched on some rocks at the edge of the river the other day... It was just before sunset & the park was relatively quiet.

I happened to look up from my notebook to spy a hawk of some sort flying with a fish firmly in its talons.
The Still, Small Companion within me began to whisper... "I am the Captor, you are the prey".
Admittedly, I hadn't heard the Voice for a while.
The Voice continued... something to the effect of "You know what the hawk is going to do with that fish".
A picture of hungry birds & fish bones flashed past my mind's eye.
"Its natural", the Voice continued, "the fish will feed the hawk & it's young".

We tend to think "Oh! Too bad for the fish!" But the fish doesn't exist for itself- it exists for the hawk or the fisherman or the bear. Its natural.

From this brief encounter, I was reminded that God is my Captor, I am the prey. God is the Hawk, I am the fish. Hungry birds await. It sounds gruesome, but I get it. He's found me with his keen eye & captured me with His strong, piercing talons. He's plucked me out of a river full of fish & is taking me someplace I could never go on my own. I am, quite literally, a fish out of water... but I do not exist for myself, I exist to be consumed by God... to bless Him & others as well... to be broken down into something useful.