Friday, July 2, 2010


I am just a speck of sand...
but I know the Lord can see me.

He knows what I'm made of & where I came from,
where I'm going & how I'll get there.
He knows what's rubbing up against me & what will wear me down,
who will take me in & who will build me up.

I may be like the sand in the sea
that bears the weight of the world
or I may be like the sand on the shore
that licks up the sun's warmth & light.

I may get caught up between someone's toes
or put into a jar as a memento.
I may be ingested acidentally, built into a castle
or even bear the secret of something's final resting place.

I may be shoveled into a bag to strengthen a levy.
I may be scattered on the road to keep people safe
or I may be part of an obstacle on the golf course.

Either way, I am just a speck of sand among all the others.

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