Friday, June 4, 2010


Harry lost his job today. We all felt it in the air, wondering what the final verdict would be. He'd been with the company 20 + years. He's an older guy- early 50's, scruffy & eccentric. He favored dirty jokes, conversations about politics & more often than not, conversations about nothing at all. Sometimes I think the man just liked to hear himself talk. Or maybe he was lonely. He talked to EVERYONE. Personal space was a foreign concept to Harry, as was personal hygiene. He wandered & chatted more than he worked & he routinely ticked mgnt off. Hes been this way for years. Why can him now? Because now, we're on the cusp of streamlining the business. We're growing & moving to a new building this summer. The folks who don't contribute to the workflow are being weeded out. He had been a fixture in the workplace all these years... with a "personality" that will definitely be missed. One gal was angry at the news- she argued that he had been with the company all that time & this is how they treated him... Another gal was ecstatic & the majority shared her joy.

Of course you must know there's a spiritual application coming here! When we stand before God, some people are going to be like Harry- maybe they put in their time as a Christian, & maybe they (& those around them) will think its enough to save them, but its not. Maybe they showed up everyday & did the bare minimum to get by, but that was about it. Maybe they hindered others from doing their job as well. As the scripture says, "You reap what you sow". Years of service are chaff if our heart isn't right. And how do we know if our heart is right or not? We'll not only do the work, but we'll strive to do it better. We'll grow & change & weed out the things that hinder us. Do the work & God will see to the rest.

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