Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today I decided to clean my house after a semi momentous weekend of creativity... For you creative types out there, perhaps you know this process. You can be found hunched over your computer keyboard, musical instrument (or other prospect) for hours, rising only to fill your coffee cup, eat or relieve yourself. You're concentrating & you'll do whatever it takes to foster the environment for creativity to breathe. Time seems to melt away- hours pass with barely a blink. You've lost yourself again & it feels good because you're doing what you love.

I made myself get in the car & wander on Saturday, just to clear my head. Sunday was church in the morning, Bible study at night. These provided much needed distractions. When I get into this "mode", its sometimes difficult to break free until the project is finished. I'm bound to its whim, but I'm doing what I love. I try & tell myself that makes it ok, but it doesn't. I felt convicted- while being creative isn't a sin in itself, sometimes it edges God out & becomes my master. It was a struggle to put the guitar back on its stand & open my Bible instead. It was difficult to make myself shower & get dressed, get in the car & wander when all I could think about was how to finish the project...

Creativity is high maintainence. While I love it when it shows up, I don't think I would be able to sustain a daily relationship with it. It takes so much time & energy! It demands my complete attention, all my emotions & thought processes... It demands my past & present, even my hopes for the future. It challenges me to do something new each time... to say something more, to be something different. Creativity is ever evolving & requires me to change with it. But if I had to encounter this every single day of my life, I would probably crumble under all the pressure...

Creativity is a gift. Yet as with any gift God gives, its important to remember the gift can be abused- the love of it, the pursuit of what it can give can cause us to forget the Giver, the true Master of our souls... distraction sometimes wakes us up, helps us remember, helps us break free.

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