Friday, April 23, 2010

Lively Duds

2 Corinthians 5:17 says the old is gone, the new is come, I am a new creation in Christ. Often I am told this means my past is irrelevant & I am no longer who I once was. But to forget the past is dangerous business.

In the news years ago, I remember hearing about mines & other artillery from various wars that had been discovered by accident- some actually exploded, others were duds. But all had been previously lost or forgotten until someone inadvertently stumbled upon their existence in a jungle, a forest or a field. The memory of war was evident only in the lives of those who had been there before. As time passed, things grew back. As a new generation rose up, people forgot about the battles fought there. New life took over the awful ravages of the past, but the artillery remained hidden.

We may indeed be a new creation when we come to Christ, but what about the battlefields of our family life? Our youth? Our mind? Is there hidden artillery that still needs to be found, defused & dismantled? To forget the past is dangerous business that puts not only us, but those around us at risk.

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