Sunday, April 4, 2010

God So Loved the World...

I must admit, as a Christian, "For God so loved the world"... hasn't really meant much personally. Its kind of a blanket statement... just another one of those verses we quote b/c its popular. How many of us actually stop to think about what it means?

I can't tell people Jesus loves them if I can't grasp His love for me. Everyone knows God loved the whole world, but does everyone know God loves them as an individual? I can't tell the guy at the bus stop Jesus died for his sins if I'm not 100% certain He died for mine... Really? All of them? Even that one from a few years ago? Most people have heard that God forgives sin... but some don't know that extends to all of theirs as well. I am fully forgiven in Christ. Do I believe it this Easter morning?

Believing in a Jesus that died for the sins of the whole world is one thing. Believing in a Jesus that died for me too is completely different. Jesus stood at the door of my heart & knocked. I answered, tentatively... I must admit, He still makes me nervous after all these years, but then, I'm still getting to know Him. Often times I've wondered, why me? Why my door? Because God so loved the world... and me too. Jesus knew what I didn't- did what I couldn't... & He came to my door to offer me life. He came in the form of family members who were Christians, in the form of children's records that taught the Bible, He was even present in the form of the lady who led me in the sinner's prayer. He stepped in when I was just a child in order to give me a foundation- a hope as an anchor for my soul, even before my "cognitive" life began. Through my difficult childhood & adolesence, on into adulthood, I know He's been with me. At times, I've left Him waiting outside my door. At times, I've consented to speak to Him through a crack & nothing more. But as I've gotten older, I've once again invited Him in- to stay. This Easter morning, I'm thankful... the love & life He's given... its admittedly beyond my comprehension.

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