Monday, April 5, 2010

Dear Congregation:

I feel like I'm watching us slowly becoming a congregation of "churchy" people... I've heard folks expressing thoughts about how we're doing, speculating why people have left... I personally feel like we're not really moving forward. It seems we neglect the time it would take to do so b/c we're in such a hurry to move onto the next thing. Oh, we're moving, alright, but we're just spinning our wheels. Its gotten a little messy & we need to get out & push. Its gonna take some time.

We'd do well to remember that our struggle isn't against flesh & blood, its not against the pastor or the leadership or even each other. Our struggle is against the spiritual forces, the powers, rulers & authorities of this dark world... That said, I feel compelled to pray for us as a congregation, for the pastor & for leadership... for wisdom, discernment, humility... for cohesiveness & a sense of unity under the direction of the Holy Spirit... For God's will to be done, for truth to prevail despite how we fear it- even for repentance in some areas. Who am I? I'm nobody. But I am part of this congregation & together, we are part of the spiritual Body of Christ.

We need to be taking responsibility for our faith, getting in the Word, getting together with others to read, worship & pray on a regular basis, even outside the church walls. It seems there's an unspoken expectation that we ought to wait for something to be announced as a "sanctioned" function before we can engage. What a heavy burden for our pastor & leadership to bear! There are only so many spoons to go around... & too many mouths to feed. But what difference would it make, I wonder, if even just a few of us got together outside the confines of a Sunday service or even a home group & set aside an hour or two to read just a chapter or a book of the Bible out loud to each other? What if we took time to pray together or hold each other accountable on a regular basis, outside the confines of 15 minutes on Sunday or the first Saturday of the month? What if some of us committed to fasting as an act of repentance, as an act of submission to God- to stand in the gap for our leaders & our church as a whole? Would that change us as individuals? Would it change us as a congregation? I'm inspired by the stories of handfuls of people throughout history who did just that... And God met them...

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  1. This made me think of Charles Spurgeon. He was one of the most successful leaders of a body of beleivers in history. When asked "how" he did it he said that his congregation prayed for him on a regular basis. How powerful!
    A gathering of people to just read the scripture and soak it in. No planned bible study, notes to review, set questions to ask. It's almost scandelous! I love this idea!!