Friday, March 26, 2010

Wonder Woman & The Lasso Of Truth

I rented the first season of Wonder Woman this week- I haven't seen it since I was a kid. When I say "kid", I mean I was between 2-5 when I first saw it. But I remember I absolutely loved it. The opening titles didn't jog my memory, but the theme song did, as well as the lasso of truth. Everything else- her Amazonian roots, her sidekick Lyle Wagonner, her "invisible" airplane (Really? Everything is invisible except her & the chair she's sitting in?!), & her nifty ability to change clothes while spinning (& somehow come out completely put together) was forgotten. I found it entertaining all these years later however, in a cheesy sort of way. I mostly remember the outfit & the lasso of truth- wishing someone would use one on me.

I wonder if I was even able to comprehend truth & lies at that age... Perhaps the idea of "truth" meant something entirely different to me then. When I saw the villains being lassoed, I saw them become "real". No facades, no pretending. The masks came off, the deception was exposed. They told the truth & tragedy was averted. Not only that, but justice was served.

When I'm not out among people & the daily activities of this world, I often crawl back into my mind for refuge. Translation: I think too much! But consider with me if you will, the circumstances of the years between ages 2-5 when I was watching this program... My father was in & out of my life, my mom worked a lot & I was in the hospital, sick with asthma so often that the nurses knew me by name. I'm sure preschool was traumatic & there was a significant death in the family when I was 5. The idea of Wonder Woman, the idea of truth, stuck with me. Perhaps its just a vestige of nostalgia (though I don't have many in depth thoughts about Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy or The Facts of Life!).

But I had ask myself- what would the lasso of truth represent to me, if I were the villain being lassoed? What crime might I confess? Would it be deception? Would it be secret hatred? Would I reveal a bitter hurt that drove me toward acts of malice? Its hard to say what a child might confess... perhaps I didn't have the words back then... but I knew I wanted the truth to surround me, to rein me in, to keep me safe. I wanted someone to see me, to know me for who I was inside, not for the things that happened to me... and I wanted justice.

As it turns out, "Wonder Woman" is a senior citizen now & the lasso of truth is just make believe... Ironic, isn't it?

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  1. I watched a lot of Wonder Woman when I was little. I loved the outfit, the invisible airplane, her lasso, etc. You brought back a lot of memories here!