Saturday, February 27, 2010

Urban Cloister

I wonder how the vast accessibility of the bible & worship music for private use has contributed to isolation? Has it enriched our Christian lives or merely provided a ways of escape- given us a sort of urban cloister mentality?

What would it be like if we lived in the days where the bible was read from a book in our homes with family or friends? What if the only music we had, we had to make ourselves, sing ourselves, or in the company of other believers? What would it be like to go further still into the past when the Word was unwritten, except on scrolls kept in sacred, public places? What if we had to go to synagogues or churches to hear the Word spoken?

For the sake of time, it seems we've grown content to condense our faith into bite size bits- manageable pieces we can access anywhere. We do it in church with our allotment of 20 minutes for songs, 20 for fellowship & 20 for a message. We do it in the car when we fill our commute with worship songs or prayer or bible teaching... We buy the Christian merchandise, we scrawl scripture onto index cards & stick them everywhere in an attempt to memorize them. It seems we're forever trying to fit God into our schedules. Noble indeed. But I wonder what it would be like to have a truly unbound faith, released from the confines of our isolated urban cloisters, released from our bite size devotions (even, perhaps, from the confines of this world's expectations)?

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