Saturday, February 27, 2010

Myth & Life

Its hard to imagine Jesus walking among us. The other night, I witnessed a gaggle of drunken partiers, scruffy foul mouthed men & bitter old women spewing piss & gall... How in the world did Jesus endure us? If I was God, I would have said "To heck with redemption!" & finished every last soul off for good. But I'm not God (lucky for you) & He is not a man (lucky for me & you both). That's why He sent His Son Jesus to live among us, in the same flesh we walk in, on the same ground we tread. He was born the same way we were & saw the same rhythms of nature we see. He felt hunger & thirst like us, He laughed like us. He got angry like we do & grieved like us too. He was tempted as we are tempted & yet He remained perfect as we so often fail to do. All so He could be tortured by a handful of idiots & die for the sins of a worldful. All so we could be with Him in Heaven, if only we believe & confess Him as Lord of our lives. How in the world did He do it?

Honestly, Jesus feels like a mythical creature right out of a storybook sometimes. When I try to wrap my head around His actual presence here on this earth, not to mention His death & resurrection, I'm at a loss. I want to know what He was like- what His eyes said when you looked at Him... I want to know what He smelled like, what His voice sounded like... I want to know what made Him smile or laugh outright. What pissed Him off? What made His heart break? The gospels definitely give us a glimpse of these things, but the guy spent 33 years on this earth (according to scholars). Wasn't anyone besides the gospel writers taking notes? Passing on stories? Who was this Jesus? And how can I know Him like the disciples did? How do I get Jesus out of the myth & into my heart? How do I convert the moral of His story into the format of my life? I've been living unto Christ the myth... I know because the myth doesn't change me or give me life. Its simply there as a statement: "This is Jesus, this is what He did". Christ, the Living still eludes me.... Christ, the Breath of Life seems to have breezed by me... Christ, the man... Christ, the Son of God, He's lost on me... waiting for me to find Him in the crowd like the image of a magic eye poster. Open my eyes so I can see...

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