Friday, February 26, 2010


I misplaced "A Call To Die"... haven't touched it for a week. Its all very well & good actually, because I've been sick & haven't had the wherewithall to focus on much of anything except getting better. However, I'll have to face the consequences of lost momentum, lost time & the added burden to catch up.

Getting sick is a physical stop sign of sorts. The body needs time to fight & heal. So while its true there's momentum to be re-gained, time to be made (and yes, burdens to bear), even stop signs are part of the journey...

I found the book under some papers today. I had been cleaning & put everything off to the side in a pile. It lives there still, just as I left it a week ago. I got to thinking, when & how have I also "misplaced" my own call to to die to myself? And when I take up the call once again, don't I also face the consequence of lost momentum & time? Don't I feel the added burden to catch up, measure up, ante up?

Can one "misplace" their call to die? Well, yes, I think so. I've done it many times. I've set it aside because I'm tired, occupied otherwise or even physically sick. But misplacement isn't the issue so much as what I do when I realize its missing. Perhaps I should stop for a moment & regroup... Stop signs are part of this journey as well. And when it comes time to move on, I need to remember the yoke is easy & the burden is light. There is no catching up, measuring up, anteing up. Each day has its own beginning. Each day, Jesus calls me to die. He promises resurrection that I may be born again to new life... every single day.

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