Monday, February 1, 2010

ACTD: Day 4 Eternity

Application Question:
Does the thought of a “video” of your life at the judgement seat of Christ make you feel excited or anxious?

This concept of a “video” reminds me of an old black & white Chick tract called “This Was Your Life”... There’s a guy being led around heaven by an angel & at one point, he’s standing naked in front of a giant movie screen watching all the horrible things of his life play out... He watches & the world watches with him.
I have to admit I’ve always wanted to scoff at the idea of God having a giant jumbotron in heaven... But by whatever medium He chooses to employ, the idea makes me feel very anxious... makes me want to cringe. I can’t change my past or the decisions I’ve made or have failed to make. But this one thing I can do: from this moment on, when I lay down my pen & take up my cross, its no longer I, but God who writes, directs & produces... I wonder if the “movie” will be anything like the book? Afterall, Psalm 139:16 says that all the days ordained for me were written in His book before one of them came to be...

Application Question:
Do the rewards for following Christ seem fair?

Truly, I have no workable concept of eternity... I can safely say I don’t care about living in a mansion or getting a crown or walking on streets made of gold. I don’t even think I care about living forever. But yes, I suppose these rewards seem more than fair. The greatest reward for me would be presence. To be able to reside in the presence of God without fear or shame, to be able to find comfort in His strength & kindness seems enough of a reward. Just let me up onto His knee & let me hear His heart with my own ear. Let me feel His hands on my face, see His eyes with my own eyes... Let me hear & understand, let me see & finally believe... But until that day, Lord, help my unbelief!

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