Thursday, February 4, 2010

ACTD: Day 6 Zeal

My last post on maps was inspired by an acronym David Nasser used: "M.A.P", which stands for Mystery, Adventure & Passion. "The Spirit's work is a MYSTERY, our walk then becomes an ADVENTURE & seeing Him at work deepens our PASSION for Jesus."

In this chapter, Nasser touches on zeal & how sometimes it can get us into trouble. Rather than listen to the Holy Spirit, we often want to chisel out "codes of don'ts" to live by. If we do well, we get puffed up with pride, start criticizing other people & assert our "superior spirituality", to our detriment... Me? Guilty as charged.

Like the scene in John 4 ( the woman at the well), perhaps Jesus has been waiting for us to come by... Maybe He wants to share a drink with us, but we're too busy wondering what He's doing talking to some skanky Samaritan woman. He's seen us walking by... thirsty as all get out. Maybe He's wondering why we don't come over & join the conversation...

Does my zeal keep me from Christ's Living Water? Is my faith one of rules or relationship? Am I experiencing mystery, adventure & passion for Jesus? Are you?

One of the application questions asks: Is it easier to follow rules or follow Christ? My answer hands down is rules b/c they're often black & white. There's no need for questions & I don't need to know the person who wrote them. But if I follow Christ, I absolutely need to get to know Him in relationship. That takes time. Its not cut & dry, which leaves room for doubt, mistakes & any number of variables one doesn't have with rules. Rules feel safe. Christ does not.
Nevertheless, I choose Christ...

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