Thursday, February 18, 2010

ACTD: Day 14 Poison

The crux of this entry is poison, our drive for it & the effects it has on us. I think of nicotine & how those addicted to cigarettes crave it every second of every day. They're slowly poisoning themselves & can expect lung cancer or emphysema or a myriad of other diseases to crop up over the years. There are people addicted to alcohol in copious amounts, who slowly poison their organs, not to mention the well being of their families. There are folks addicted to drugs & sex, poisoning their minds, their bodies, their lives & those around them.

Desperate people do desperate things. But why are we so desperate? What is it we're really after? I can think of a few things- we want peace within. We want escape from our responsibilities in life. We want to stop hurting inside. We want to feel good once in a while. Nicotine might calm, alcohol might provide that escape, drugs & sex might dull the pain or take us to new heights. But each is a counterfeit for the real peace, freedom & joy we're after. Each is a slow acting poison, gradually destroying us from the inside out. Its easier to run to the quick fixes. They're predictable, dependable. They deliver & we generally don't have to work very hard to get them. But the curse of the quick fix is one needs more to sustain the effect- more cigarettes, more booze, more drugs, more sex... until the poison kicks in.

If you're a Christian & you can say "That's not me!" Well good for you. But think about what kind of things you run to for a quick fix... What kinds of things do you do or say or listen to for peace of mind, for escape, to stop the pain, to feel happy? What's your substitute for God? What's your poison?

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