Sunday, February 14, 2010

ACTD: Day 13 Grace

Q: Cheap grace or costly grace. Which is honestly more attractive?

Cheap grace! Beyond a shadow of a doubt! I don't have to do a thing. Cheap grace has a one time charge with no interest & a lifetime of benefits. Payments are taken care of... no late fees to worry about. I'm a card carrying member of the "Kingdom", with diplomatic immunity in this life & the one to come. I'm covered! I can live my life as I choose, untouched by rules & obligations. Yee haw.

However... costly grace yields more. I have to discipline myself to make an investment in costly grace. How do I do that? And why would I want to when cheap grace is so easy, so accessible, so free? When I begin to grab hold of where this grace came from & how much it cost Christ, I begin to realize I don't deserve a drop of it. I start to understand that costly grace is a gift, not a birthright. Costly grace would not be owed to me even if I willingly gave my all for it. Yet costly grace demands my all, and gives me all things through Christ. "Taking the money & running" would only prove me a fool. Cheap grace is a scam, a ripoff that'll end up costing my life in the end anyway. God can't be mocked. I'll reap what I sow. And cheap grace won't yield the life that Christ paid for. So why not invest in quality grace? Costly grace. Whatever it costs me here can't possibly compare to what it cost Christ & what it'll be worth in the age to come... How do I invest in costly grace? Isn't it a free gift? Sure... but by laying down my life for it (as Christ laid His life down for me), by denying myself at all turns (as Christ denied Himself for me), by becoming a living offering of thanksgiving to God (just as Christ became the Living Sacrifice to make grace possible), I'm choosing to invest in that gift. And I will reap what I sow. The quality of grace God offers never changes. But its what we do with it- how we invest & sow it that will either change us or cheapen our relationship to Christ.

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