Sunday, February 14, 2010

ACTD: Day 12 Laundry Day & Ginger Ale

Q: What might happen to someone who focuses only on getting rid of their sin without shifting their attention to the love & strength of God?

Well, practically, it'd result in unnecessary vulnerability. If I only focused on taking off my dirty clothes & neglected to replace them with clean ones, I would be exposed & embarrassed (should I decide to step out my front door). In the same way, if I don't shift my attention to the love & strength of God after removing a practice of sin, I am left vulnerable spiritually. I have no defense, no protection. It might take a while, but the exposure would eventually result in my spiritual death. I could put the dirty clothes of sin back on- at least it'd be something- but then what's the point?

I can also apply the question to the example of sickness. If I am sick with sin & manage to vomit it out, I need to replenish my strength. Do I engage in more sin? No. That's what made me sick in the first place. No, I take it easy. I drink clear liquids, I eat saltines for sustenance. Its a discipline. I might not feel like drinking or eating, but if I don't replenish, dehydration (& in extreme cases even starvation) sets in & death comes following after...

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