Thursday, February 11, 2010

ACTD: DAY 11 Bought

Q: What does it mean to be a slave of sin?

Sin is a ruthless master. It doesn't really care what I want, let alone what God wants. Sin demands I serve at its beck & call 24/7. As a slave, I'm obligated to its every whim. I'm subject to abuse & manipulation. It steals everything I've gained... I have no alibi, no representation. I have no way to defend myself. Sin is a liar, downplaying consequence. It twists God's Word. It says I can do whatever I want, that it'll be our secret. It pretends to be my friend, my lover, but betrays me at every turn. It stands in the way of all that is good, of all that God has for me. Sin litters my path with obstacles so I can't walk. I'm dependent on it to support me, to lead me. And it only leads me to death... Still, Sin has been my caretaker & despite all, I can't help but love it...

Q: How does realizing I have been bought change my perspective on God, myself, activities & desires?

I really don't think this concept has sunk in yet. Realizing I am purchased by God means I am launched into a whole new world... Sin is no longer my master? I've lived my whole life programmed to the whim of sin! What now? Its disorienting. Because I belong to God, I have to learn a new way of life, a new way of thinking. Everything I do, I suddenly do in God's name. I become His representative. I am now at His beck & call, 24/7. Everything I desire comes under His watchful eye, and even the secret things reflect on Him... He holds me to a standard. There is no abuse & manipulation, but I'm subject to consequence & discipline, designed to help me learn how to give Him my best. I find I'm compelled to live my life as a "thank you" to Him. And when my old master comes around to try & steal me away, God is my Defender. He rescues me from sin. He is my Light, He is my Helper. He leads me on straight paths & takes care of me. He loved me first... and my fledgling prayer is to love Him first as well...

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