Friday, October 16, 2009

Its Got Wheels...

God seems to speak to me through insignificant things... I think...

I work in a warehouse where part of my day is spent filling orders. The other day, I was out in the racks with my cart loaded, moving along at a steady pace. I rounded the corner & saw a garbage bin in the middle of the aisle, down a ways from where I was. I 'heard' the words, thought them, whatever- "That obstacle is right where you need to be". And of course, the next location the computer sent me to was directly behind the garbage bin. I moved it, got the product & moved on. Simple.

If I hadn't moved it, I'd be stuck. See, even if I "skipped the slot", backtracked & went another way to get around it, I would still have to complete the order. I would be sent back to that same location in the end, which means even more backtracking, as well as lost time & energy. The bin had to be moved. It had wheels. All it needed was a push.

It'd be pretty dumb to throw up my hands & backtrack. Yet that's what I seem to do most times when I encounter an obstacle in my "spiritual walk"... and eventually, I end up at the same place, wasting time & maybe becoming an obstacle myself.

There's a "garbage bin" of discouragement sitting right where I need to be. Apparently, it has wheels also... & all it needs is a push.

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