Thursday, April 30, 2009

Peace Like A River

Beth Moore: "God's Word does not say we'll have peace like a pond."

Funny, b/c when I think of peace, I instantly think "quiet", "stillness"... etc. You know, kind of like a pond. How in the world do I miss peace... "like a river"? I'm not expecting a river... I'm not expecting anything, really, except maybe the cessation of whatever crazy thing is going on... That seems like peace to me.

Whenever I go camping, I like to be by water- preferably a river. I find there's something comforting about the "white noise" & the consistency with which the water crashes over rocks & around fallen trees, into depths & shallows alike. God's peace is like this as well... It moves, it has a source, it has an outlet. There's a constant flow... unlike a quiet, stagnant pond. While my initial perception tells me peace is more like a pond, my spirit is instinctively drawn to the river's edge...

How does one find a river? If you can't see it, you stop, you listen... you move toward the sound. Are we listening for the river? Are we moving toward it? Are we closer to it than we were yesterday or a week ago? I want peace like a river... this pond has been pleasant, but its time to move on.

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  1. I too seek out water whenever I need peace. I am drawn to it. I crave to sit at the ocean and watch the waves or sit by a river and watch it pound. I went camping once and late at night went down to the river and took a bath in the complete and total darkness. I layed in the river for a while with my ears under the surface and listened to the sound of the water going by watching the stars. I remember feeling so completely close to God. The river sounded like I imagine He would. I remember thinking that if the water was warm it would take an act of God to move me from that place. But since it was cold and I was numb I reluctantly went to shore. I have never forgotten that feeling though. Someday I am totally going to hang out in the Heaven hot springs!!