Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh No, Mr. Bill!

I was watching “Religulous” yesterday.

Bill's questions are valid indeed... scintillating examples of the attitude so many people hold of religion. I kept thinking why are there folks out there who felt threatened by this movie? Why do folks feel threatened when someone questions God, or the faith one has in Him?

Are we so concerned about defending & protecting God? Or ourselves?

Are we threatened b/c others might find out what even some of us aren’t aware of- that we might not truly know our Saviour or what we believe? I mean, what if we allowed ourselves to ask the same hard questions of our own faith (corporately, personally)? Would we perhaps find ourselves lacking? Would we perhaps find ourselves at odds with the truth we stake our lives on?

What if we challenged ourselves to really think about what we’re saying instead of regurgitating what we’ve heard or read? The answers people gave in the movie were unsurprisingly textbook. Oftentimes I admit, I can spout scripture & ideals with nary a thought... Oftentimes, they are mere words, without tethers to my heart... I dare not be so brash as to negate the validity of the faith of those featured in the movie, but I was certainly challenged to question the validity of my own...

Who of us might rise up & say its nonsense to suggest that we don’t know our own Saviour? Who might stand up & say that to ask questions of our faith, of God, of the things we’ve been taught from our youth... is a sinful act of doubt? Those folks scare me a little, to be honest... so consumed with their own sense of security & righteousness that they can’t- or won't- even consider the danger lurking nearby... so sure that they are standing firm... unaware they could in fact be in for a “fall” at any moment. (1 Co. 10:12)

Aren’t these the very questions we need to be paying attention to- questions we need to be asking ourselves? Why do we make excuses to avoid them? To negate them? Questioning ourselves might teach us how to better live in truth... How to better answer our critics... How to better answer to our God.

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