Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today at church, I heard the congregation sing. It was a rare treat. So often, the voices are drowned out by the din of instruments & amplified sound... But when the music faded, their voices rose to fill the void. It was spectacular.

I believe that instruments can be useful tools to lead people into worship. But there are also times when they can become a distraction that effectively conquers that very purpose. Instruments- the music they produce- tend to make us feel comfortable. But the music sometimes becomes our safety in a worship setting. We're able to hide in the sound, in the din...

When all goes still... we are suddenly confronted with ourselves... with each other... with God. When all goes still, Intimacy extends it's hands to us, reaches out to embrace us. Some of us however, retreat because we fear it outright. There is a very real communion that can occur in these times... Communion with Who we perceive our God to be... Communion with who we perceive ourselves to be in relation to God, the rest of the congregation & even the world around us... We often find something, touch something in the quiet that we aren't able to access otherwise...

Do we worship worship? Or do we worship our God? Are we willing to take the hands of Intimacy & allow it to lead us beyond the safety of our din? Or are we comfortable with things "as is"?

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