Thursday, November 6, 2008

Read Thru... Esther

What's not to love about the book of Esther?

I only want to share a brief thought- Esther obviously had favor with the king. She asked him to cancel the order of Haman, which in short, was to kill all the Jewish people in the land. The king told her the order had already been sealed with his signet ring & it couldn't be revoked. However, a new order could be made & sealed with the ring... So he let Esther & Mordecai handle the details. The new order came, stating that the Jews would be able to protect themselves when Haman's order was carried out- the Jews could kill anyone who came against them & take the plunder. When the time came, the Jews were victorious, but they refrained from taking anything from their enemies.

I suppose I thought it interesting that the king himself couldn't revoke an order he'd given... But he was wise enough to find a way around the law without compromising it. The king, in that moment, was just like my God, who, while He can't revoke the eternal consequence of my sin, found a way around it. His own Son came & sacrificed his life for mine to satisfy the debt I owed. Without Him, I'd be doomed. I'm thankful that while the original decree still stands, the new decree stands also & its to this decree I hold fast & live...

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