Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Follow Me

What kind of people did Jesus pull out of a crowd to follow Him? Fishermen. Not scholars, though He did have a few of those along the way.... Tax collectors. Not successful businessmen, though I bet He had some of those too.
It seems the people He chose to be closest to Him were the blue collar folks who eeked out their living from day to day & saw the world through very different eyes. They were the folks who made glaring mistakes regularly... they wore their character on their sleeves. They were genuine. Some were either genuinely "dense" or full of pride, but also capable of genuine sincerity. In Christendom today, we look at their mistakes & pray to learn from them... May it never be that we make the same mistakes! We must be polished & holy. We must strive to be clean & perfect. And in this endeavoring, we never really allow ourselves to slip on their sandals so to speak... thus, we miss the point of their presence.

I recently had the opportunity to discover what kind of follower I am... And I was distraught to be confronted with the reflection of the pharisee... the scoffer... the magician. I am not at all who I thought I was. But despite these things, Jesus pulls me out of the crowd today & tells me to follow Him. Will I do it? Can I do it? I honestly don't have it in me. And He knows this. I am as good as dead with the guilt & shame of my self-righteousness. And still He calls to me.
I got a taste of grace the other day... it was so nearly tangible to my senses... Grace says "I forgive you", despite the reflection I see in the mirror... And Jesus says "Follow Me" despite myself.

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