Friday, February 15, 2008

Read Thru... Day ?

I think its day 11, but it almost seems moot to keep track of days anymore... As long as I finish by December 31st, I will have happily completed my overall goal. At my last estimation, I was still 4 days or so behind.

I'm 100 chapters in. As I passed through Exodus 12, the text says the Israelites got to leave Egypt after 430 years of captivity. But back in Genesis 15, God told Abraham 400 years. 30 years is a lot of time to say "400 years, give or take"... Instead of being a stickler about it & calling attention to the "discrepancy", I think its a good reminder that yes, God keeps His word, but His timing is not ours. Yes, He said 400 years, but whats an extra 30 to Him? Somewhere it says "with the Lord, a day is as a thousand years & a thousand years as a day"... So 400 or 430 years is probably minute to Him. I think the main thing to remember is that He didn't forget His people & He didn't forget His promise to Abraham.

This morning I find myself in that vast wilderness of Leviticus- a book full of repetition & strange rituals...
Even though I've seen artist's renderings of what the Meeting Tent & the Holy Things looked like, I still can't wrap my mind around the lifestyle the Israelites would have had to live in order to keep every single requirement... I imagine there must have been smoke in the sky constantly from the altars, from the sacrifices... Each man was required to bring various offerings.... for sin in particular, he would have to bring something according to what he could afford. If he was poor, it was grain or birds. If he was better off, then a sheep or a goat. But each man had to atone for His own sin somehow. I suddenly became thankful that Jesus came & gave His life for mine. There is no sacrifice left for sins & I don't have to cover my own butt according to what I do or don't have... I'm set free from those laws & burdens.

In Lev. 7:27, God says "anyone who eats blood must be cut off from his people". This verse jumped out at me b/c I was instantly reminded of Jesus' words at the last supper (Matt. 26:27-28 ). " ...Everyone of you drink this. This is My Blood which is the new agreement that God makes with His people. This blood is poured out for many to forgive their sins." Of course it was symbolic b/c the drink was actually wine of some sort. But I wonder if this was a way of setting His disciples apart, of "cutting them off" if you will, from their people, from the old laws, so they might be grafted into that New Vine, Jesus... There truly is foreshadowing of redemption in Genesis, Exodus, even Leviticus. Sometimes its subtle, sometimes its blatant, but its all throughout...and its begun to give me a better picture of what Christ actually did for me.

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